Secure, Verified Scoring

Eliminate the guesswork from your agency’s exam results. We score your exams and audit the results to ensure agency success.
DLG will partner with your agency to ensure bias-free scoring that tests applicants’ authentic knowledge. Our exams use both educational study guides and real life applications to ensure well rounded and experienced candidates excel in your promotional examinations.

Scoring Exams

The DLG Testing Center provides verified and secure scoring solutions. Exams are scored and audited by our trained professionals. We give your agency access to simple and transparent scoring that can be easily reviewed and reported on. We will work with your agency to apply our educational research so that your agency’s exams meet all of the required specifications. Our process is backed by tried and true research and will help your agency pick the right candidate with legally backed results.  We continue to research the best and fairest examination methods to ensure that all exams test both important curriculum and real world experience.

Evaluating Insights

Exam scores for applicants should correlate with job performance, experience, and industry expertise. It is legal and useful for an employer to select employees based on scores from DLG Testing Center exams. We have partnered with educational experts and consultants to ensure that our exams fairly and impartially select the best candidates through our promotional testing. Promotional testing is a great tool in measuring if an individual is ready to begin a new position within your agency. The DLG Testing Center’s exams use several types of test questions to test cognitive ability, virtue, honesty, and other important leadership qualities.

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