Applicant & Promotional Testing for Public Safety

Partner with the DLG Testing Center for high-quality, cost-effective applicant & promotional testing. Ensure your tests are valid, bias-free, and job task oriented so that only the best candidates are promoted within your agency.
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Promotional Exams

Promotional exams, built for public safety agencies such as fire & police departments, are crucial tools in assessing the required job knowledge for any given position. Our promotional exams are designed to test your candidates’ knowledge in critical public safety areas.

  • DLG will conduct an on-site job analysis and develop a test based on agency-specific materials such as State statutes, department policies and procedures, acceptable industry standards and applications of modern police and investigative methods.
  • Custom examinations are created based on the individual requirements of your agency.
  • Our assessment centers are comprehensive and customized.
  • A variety of assessment methods are available to meet every selection need from entry level to top executive.
  • For custom exams, candidates receive study guides that include a reading list and instructions for preparation.

Applicant Testing

We partner with your agency to find the best candidates for you to hire and promote. Our tests are validated, bias-free, and job-task oriented. Our knowledgeable team of consultants around the country can create a solution that is tailor-made for the needs of your agency.

When hiring for your agency, it is extremely important to ensure that you are recruiting the best possible candidates. With that in mind, the process of recruiting and screening candidates is more important than it ever has been before in public safety. We can help police and fire departments make the right hiring choices for their individual needs.

  • Our applicant exams are all-inclusive and designed to find the best possible candidates using a job-task analysis.
  • We take into account every important factor including moral character, skills, abilities, and personality traits to ensure that you are thoroughly evaluating candidates in each area.

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