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Work with the DLG Testing Center to create customized and proven exams for your public safety department.
The process of recruiting and screening candidates is more important than it ever has been before in public safety. The DLG Testing Center can help police and fire departments make the right hiring choices for their individual needs.

Build The Perfect Exam

The DLG Testing Center partners with you to build applicant and promotional exams. Employment testing is the practice of administering written, oral, or other tests as a means of determining the suitability or desirability of a job applicant. Our team of expert public safety professionals can help build in-person and virtual testing experiences. Our team helps build multiple choice responses, essays, and verbal exams.
Our applicant exams are all-inclusive and designed to find the best possible candidates using a job-task analysis. This ensures that your agency is promoting the most well rounded candidates that are fully seasoned professionals with outstanding moral character. We take into account every important factor including integrity, skills, abilities, and personality traits to ensure that you are selecting the best leaders for your agency.
Our tests are validated, legally backed, and bias-free.

Test Types Used

Performance Assessment Tests

Performance-based assessment testing is a process to find out if applicants can do the job for which they are applying. It is done through tests, which are directly administered and judged by Hiring Managers who will be supervising the potential hire.
These tests are peer-to-peer and reflect real business tasks that candidates have to perform, should they be selected for the role. The tests are open ended, time bound, business related questions which applicants need to answer correctly in order to prove their abilities.

Job-Knowledge Tests

DLG Testing Center administers job-knowledge tests to applicants to determine if they possess a body of knowledge before being hired. Job-knowledge tests are particularly useful when applicants must have specialized or technical knowledge that can only be acquired only through extensive experience or training.

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